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iDIDa 41 km

9 am Pre-Race Meeting and 9:30 am Start from Loggers Sports Area – On the Ring Rd off 2nd Street

With about 1700m elevation gain and loss over 41 km, this is truly an all mountain experience. With a little highway climb to warm you up, you’ll move off the pavement and climb up a logging road for 4 km. Spectacular scenery distracts you from the sometimes testy climb. As you move through this challenging course, all your riding skills will get a workout and your physical endurance will be tested … You’ll encounter technical rooty paths, edgy flats with stunning views, testy climbs on shady forested single track, flowy riverside runs and endless vistas from the ridge tops. At the end of the day you’ll be able to say with pride “i DID a Ride” in Kaslo.


iDIDa 20 km

10 am Pre-Race Meeting and 10:30 am Start from the Gravel Pit, below the airport on Balfour Ave

Made for those looking for a great RIDE adventure, but not quite ready for the endurance challenge of the 41km. The 20 starts at the gravel pit below Kaslo’s airstrip and rides on up through the True Blue Recreation area before dropping back into town along the amazingly fun Extension and River Trail. The iDIDaRide 20 utilizes the lower half of the 41 km ride. It’s less climby than the 41 but you’ll be rewarded with the same spectacular views at the highest elevation.

As a RUN, the 20 km XC mountain will challenge you with some great ups and downs… ridges to plateau upon where vistas stretch forever.

Beautiful trails, stunning scenery and all well supported with a full service aid station half way.

iDIDa 8.5 km

11 am Pre-Race Meeting and 11:30 am Start from Loggers Sports Area – On the Ring Rd off 2nd Street

A suitable RIDE for all ages looking for a short time commitment with a little bit of a challenge – it is mostly just a nice ride. The 8.5 has some short climbs and easy downs, a few roots to bounce over and some lovely flowy and well bermed trails through the Family Pump Park area. The course starts and ends at Vimy Park on the shores of Kootenay Lake, taking off south of the park and running along the north and south sides of the Kaslo River Trail network. The iDIDaRide 8.5 is a great introduction to mountain bike racing for a rider of any age.

If you prefer to RUN this trail, you will enjoy a nice easy lope along some of the Kaslo River Trail. Not much climbing or obnoxious downs. A great entry level run.

The iDIDa Ride & Run Races cover a large area north, east and south of Kaslo.
All races end at Vimy Park.
Both the 41 km and the 8.5 km BIKE & RUN start at Vimy Park.
Both the 20 km BIKE and RUN start at the gravel pit below Kaslo’s airstrip.

If you are entered in the 20 km RIDE or RUN you may want to organize a lift or ride or walk up to the start.

SHUTTLE SERVICE for 20km Ride and Run
(Limited prime parking at the Airport. We prefer cars are left at Vimy Park)

Shuttle must be booked in advance. $5 cash day of race.

Bike Shuttle leaves from Vimy Park at 9am, 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45 to have you there in time for the 10 am pre-meeting. Call Shawn to reserve your seat 250-353-3000. First come first serve per desired time.

Runners Shuttle leaves from Vimy Park at 9am, 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45 to have you there in time for the 10 am pre-meeting.  First come first serve per desired time. email info@ididaride.ca to book your time.


RED Track 41 km   •  BLUE Track 20 km  Ride Run  •  GREEN Track 8.5 Ride Run